A few words from my clients

“With a rare combination of deep intuition and expertise, Nils has guided my process of defining my purpose and vision as a leader and as a human being.”


“Nils is an intuitive and compassionate coach. I felt seen, heard and held as he guided me to find my own answers. I can highly recommend him! He brings a lot of wisdom.”


“Being a coach myself, I usually know my way through and around mental and emotional patterns. Sometimes, however, we get stuck ourselves and that big time. Nils helped me question my fears, guided me beautifully through my resistance and made me dare to go beyond and into action. I‘m very grateful and highly recommend him and his way of guiding.”


“Nils guided me through painful passages of my past, where I felt safe for the first time. He created a space for me to heal and gave me tools to be able to continue the work on my own. For others who need a helping hand on their own journey – I can highly recommend Nils.”


“It has been an amazing experience to work with Nils. It feels like you are meeting yourself in an almost childish playfulness. The dedication that Nils puts into his work is profound. And above all it is beautiful to experience the love that radiates through everything he does. I wish many souls the privilege to work with Nils, it is a blessing.
Aho brother! Eternal love to you.”


“I had the privilege to take part in a weeklong retreat – Spirit of Winter – that Nils organised, hosted and facilitated together with a shamanic brother from Brazil. Nils holds space in an amazing, natural and genuinely respectful way. He brings his full repertoire of healing modalities with fantastic intuitive mastery of sound healing, body work and breath work, and creating deep healing connection both on the individual level and for a full group.

Individual work with Nils has thrown me into deeper connection with my inner strength. Nils holds space in a way that touches and makes it feel sacred, for me individually as well as for humanity. Nils inspires me to seek deeper connections, with myself, with others and with the Earth, Source and Universe.”


“I came with a few topics to the sessions, and often had an agenda on how I thought we could solve them together. But instead of that he picked up on the subtle things, went to the roots, brought the most perfect exercise for transformation and took it to the next level! Having a coach that is really present and aim to empower you is the best way to heal with someone!”


“Nils got me thinking in new ways that changed my perspective of my perceived problems. What I noticed straight away was his ability to individualise the session on the go, so that it felt like the exercises was tailored just for me.”


“I found my time with Nils empowering and illuminating. He is insightful, attentive, curious, patient and supportive. The process was creative, enlightening and powerful. The time flew by and I have since felt purposeful, light and clear.”


“I had no prior experience with coaching so didn’t know what to expect, but Nils has a very holistic approach to personal development which really made sense to me.

It wasn’t just talk but also exercises involving bodywork that worked really well even though we did the coaching over video link . His methodology was to ask a lot of questions and let me do the work which also made sense to me.

I was impressed with his ability to ask the right questions for me to move forward and also his ability to summarise what I said in way that made me understand myself better.

During the two hours that our session lasted I got some insights regarding my way forward in life and I left with a stronger sense of direction and momentum going forward. Bodywork might not be everyones cup of tea but I would recommend Nils just for his ability to ask questions alone.”


“I’ve only had one session with Nils so far, but I felt that I got deeper insights and better understanding about myself than I have had after several sessions with other coaches and therapists. Very present and compassionate, you feel that he’s there with all his being to help you.”


“It’s always inspiring to work with someone who is living true to their purpose. That’s exactly how I felt after my session with Nils.”


“The Norwegian [retreat] experience was definitely enriching. The activities all emphasised a “celebrate life” thought. Honor our own past, with so many learnings and experiences that are an essential part to be what we are today. Expanding our view of ourselves, it is clearly exposed that “we are not just thoughts and labels”, and many activities were an invitation to open doors to our interior, I found that simply simple and great.

Sharing, activities and sharing oneself with the rest. Listen to everyone, listen to nature that is fantastic and listen to one. It is an adventure, the adventure of expanding the view, surrounded by wonderful people. The place welcomes and is of incredible beauty and simplicity. It is a dual experience, discovering yourself complex and discovering yourself full of simplicity. Love. Being like a drop of water in the rain is the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced. I felt lucky to be there.

My talks with Nils – enriching, sharing visions, no judgement – brings me three words: expand your gaze. An invitation to know more about personal power and the enthusiasm to live releasing it.”