42 – a simple guide to explore and live your life
(and change the world while doing it)

Why is life confusing, challenging, and messy? Why is there pain, fear, and darkness? Why is everything always changing? What is life really about?

Life is a mystery to be lived.
But, at times, it wouldn’t hurt to get a few pointers on how to live it.

The book 42 offers a perspective on the matter by combining scientific, rational, and spiritual exploration of the four fundamental questions:

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What should I do?
How should I do it?

Written to express a truth which cannot be expressed, this book is intended as a simple guide for exploring and living life. It offers guidance on how to thrive in your personal life and how to change the world. It also offers a hands-on approach for how we can work together to move beyond our current global challenges and transform into an entirely new version of humanity. Most importantly, however, this book is an invitation for you to explore yourself.

For readers, click here to access the Four Keys meditation (from p. 308).

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